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B&C Disposal
Bloomfield, Indiana
Complete existing business services, website services, including hosting, registration, all content, artwork, custom on-site photography. General business consulting, business cards, other printed materials. Social media marketing services. Complete vehicle branding services, including custom artwork and on-site installation of materials on refuse truck. Continued business consulting. Currently designing branding for second vehicle.
Switz City, Indiana
Complete business start-up services, including securing proper state and federal authorizations and filings, complete website services including hosting, registration, all content, artwork, custom on-site photography, general business and marketing consulting, business cards, other printed materials. Social media marketing services. Full press release services. Complete vehicle branding services. Continued business consulting.
Patricksburg, Indiana
Complete political campaign start-up services, including website design and all content, as well as printed materials and hand-outs. Full press release services. Managed the site throughout the campaign.

"I found R. Michael Johnson to be intelligent, insightful, kind, and a good leader. He took a struggling department, and through hard work and dedication made it an asset to the company by improving customer satisfaction and employee retention. I found Michael to be a good leader and believe he will excel anywhere he goes."
Keith Williamson, Fmr. Production Manager, AuthorHouse

"I don't know what we would do without the help of R. Michael Johnson and boxfire marketing. He has helped us in every aspect of our business from advertising and branding all the way to reorganizing our accounting system when we incorporated and personally putting the decals on our new truck. It is really good to know that his advice is only a phone call away any time I need him."
Cynthia Vandeventer, Co-owner, Sharkey Environmental LLC

“R. Michael Johnson is a gifted wordsmith and idea generation machine. His work in design and production of multimedia pieces as well as advertising and promotion items was always above and beyond the call of duty. He was a large reason for the stunning sales success we had during the period he was at Sumerset Custom Houseboats. Highly recommend R. Michael then and still do today!”
Cecil E. Helton Jr., Fmr. Vice President and CIO,
Sumerset Custom Houseboats

"I found R. Michael Johnson to have a unique and bright view of projects he was responsible for designing and implementing. He was easy to work with and had a wonderful rapport with the staff at all levels.I certainly would look positively toward working again with him in any endeavor."
Thomas Dusard, Fmr. Sales Manager, AuthorHouse

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