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It's called professionalism for a reason

"I have a nephew who can make a
website. He took a class in high school."

Would you take a broken leg
to a mechanic? It's the same thing.

It's just that simple.

   True, your nephew, or cousin, or son-in-law, might, in fact, be a computer whiz. But being a 'computer whiz' is only one very small piece in the gigantic puzzle of professionally marketing your business.
   The slickest and most well-designed website on the net won't do you any good without proper promotion. There is a vast array of ancillary marketing devices one must apply to ensure success of a business' website. The same goes for other marketing mechanisms.
   Look at it this way: A website is the engine in your car. While it may be powerful and fast, it won't go anywhere without spark plugs and gasoline. You need the whole package to go forward.
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